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The IFRS standards are being developed on an ongoing basis and 

accounting professionals need to be aware of the introduction of new standards and the modifications to the existing standards. This program is designed to provide an understanding of the way the standards have come into existence, their importance in the standardization of reporting systems throughout the world, and the road to convergence for those countries that have not yet adopted the IFRS. In the past two years there have been some very significant changes to the IFRS.  This program is designed to consider all of the key changes that have occurred and new programs that have been introduced.

Benefits of Attending

  • The latest developments in the growing worldwide use of IFRS
  • IFRS for SMEs
  • The latest IFRS Exposure Drafts (ED) and the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation (IASCF) improvement project
  • Detailed practical examples on the implementation and application of accounting and financial reporting concepts
  • Real world challenges to applying IFRS and strategies to overcome them
  • Detailed analysis of IFRS 7 (Financial Instruments: Disclosures), IAS 32 (Financial Instruments: Presentation), IAS 39 (Financial Instruments: Recognition And Measurement) and the implementation of IFRS 9
  • Detailed analysis of the recently released IFRs 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Become a Certified IFRS Specialist (CIFRSS™)

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